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Fee Development Services

Loftis Real Estate & Development offers fee development services to a broad range of clients:

  • Local and National Builders
  • Lending Institutions
  • Equity Funds
  • Landowners
  • Military and Government housing
  • Re-development Authorities
  • Other Development groups (from out of town or out of state)

Our fee development services allow builder clients to enjoy the higher values of selling or building on their own finished lots without stepping fully into the role of land developer. Thus reinforcing a future pipeline of lots while reaping the added benefits of higher margins. Utilizing our fee development services provides these benefits on an “as needed” basis as opposed to staffing up to meet these demands and skill sets. Investors, lenders and management are more at ease and your staff can focus on utilizing the core strengths that have made your company a success.

In recent years, financial institutions and property owners alike have faced the possibility of becoming land developers. Plans that are devised and implemented during the best of times can fall short in a down market. With proper leadership and experience, stepping into the position of developer and/or builder can offer far greater returns than a bulk sale of the asset to an opportunistic land investor. The inherent complexity of partially finished improvements, financial security agreements, permits and approvals (often on the verge of expiration) are usually beyond the expertise of lending institutions and investment trusts. Our experience and familiarity with the local market and regulatory process can guide your project through these turbulent waters and back to “smooth” sailing…. and back to a performing asset in the least amount of time possible.