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Consulting Services

Loftis Real Estate & Development provides advisory services and project support available on a consulting basis. As consultants, we serve builders, financial institutions, municipalities, developers, attorneys, engineers, and property owners.

Our Real Estate Consulting Services Include

Site Assessment & Layout Alternatives

We perform detailed analysis and assessment of potential site pros/ cons, product fit and valuation in advance of LOI/Contract.

Provide Initial Pro Forma and Analysis

We “run the numbers” to qualify initial sites prior to further consideration to ensure adequate time and resource management.

Contract Negotiation/Contract Management/Due Diligence

With experience from hundreds of past projects and aquisition contracts, we provide the highest level of expertise during negotiations to achieve the best deal terms possible and to professionally manage the due diligence phase of every contract.

Project Team and Vendor Selection

Let our detailed knowledge of the local marketplace provide the best in terms of legal, engineering, survey, and construction management.

Entitlements and Governmental Approvals

We are experts at municipal approvals, agency permits/re-zonings and public relations. We understand and value public involvement, the political process and gaining positive public opinion, but are undaunted by controversy and opposition. How the message is relayed is equally important as the message itself. Thorough research, professional presentation and skillful articulation are integral components of any successful entitlement effort.

Construction Management Services

Loftis Real Estate has held a Class A General Contractors License since its inception in 2002 and is fully qualified to assist in your construction needs from site acquisition to certificate of occupancy and certified for draw inspections with all lending institutions. We are well experienced in project budgeting, job cost management, scheduling, value engineering and quality control.

RFP / RFQ Services

We are well equipped in communicating your community’s vision to other prospective developers, developer partners and builders or commercial users. We run a very competitive selection process and weigh the qualitative and quantitative variables in each analysis.

Market Research

We provide clients with market research and insight on land, housing, and commercial space throughout the Mid-Atlantic. As developers, we understand the importance of getting the story behind the data.

Site Selection & Brokerage

Rob Loftis has an extensive knowledge and contact base for locating optimal sites throughout Virginia.